Garrett Thompson GARRETT THOMPSON, Short Documentary
Raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Garrett T. Thompson knew from early on that he wanted to "entertain." In 2000 he received a Bachelors Degree in Broadcast Communication from Susquehanna University gathering experience in documentary filmmaking, editing, and audio production. During the summers he interned for an arts organization, working with at risk youth with exceptional artistic talents and with JPL Productions where he assisted editing on projects.

Additionally as an undergrad, Thompson and a friend founded and operated an independent recording studio called Show-E Records. Together they recorded and produced several artists, ranging from hip-hop and R&B to gospel music and also wrote and produced three CD's for their own group, "The Foundation." They marketed their sound by performing at local events, college campuses, talent shows, and clubs. The group's most noteworthy accomplishment was opening for the Grammy Award winning hip-hop group, The Roots.

After graduating, Thompson set his sights on the sunny west coast to attend film school at the University of Southern California. His most noteworthy accomplishment was directing a nineteen-minute short film entitled Hope's Choice The film played at several festivals, was selected as a winner of a student television Emmy from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, received honorable mention from the Director's Guild of America, 3rd place in the San Francisco Black Film Festival for the Melvin Van Peebles Award, Audience Choice Award at the 2004 Santa Barbara Film Festival, 2005 participant in Cannes Film Festival, and selection to the Showtime network's 2005 Black Filmmakers showcase aired during Black History month.

In May of 2005, Thompson received his MFA in Cinema-Television production and was accepted into the University of Southern California Film Critical studies Ph.D. program, where he is currently focusing on African-American cinema and hip-hop culture.

During the summer of 2006, Thompson joined forces with his friend and fellow USC cinema student Jarrett Conaway creating a production company called BFAM STUDIOS. With their eclectic sensibilities and passion for storytelling, the two have been writing, directing, and producing music videos, short films, and are currently in development for an independent feature film.

In addition to his film endeavors, Thompson is also a recording artist, having recorded two rap albums with a group while in college, and is currently completing production on his solo project, entitled, Space & Time, set for release in April of this year.

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