Roy P. Crocker Professor of Law
USC Law School Professor Jody Armour is an expert in criminal defense and prosecution, racial profiling, personal injury claims and sexual predator cases. He teaches Torts, Enterprise Liability, Stereotypes and Law, and a seminar on Prejudice and the Rule of Law.

Professor Armour’s scholarly writings include "Just Desserts: Narrative, Perspective, Choice, and Blame” (University of Pittsburgh Law Review, 1996), “Toward a Tort-Based Theory of Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, and Racial Justice” (Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review, spring 2005), and Negrophobia & Reasonable Racism: The Hidden Costs of Being Black in America (New York University Press, 1997).

Before joining USC Law in 1997, Professor Armour practiced law in San Francisco and Pittsburgh. He also taught at the University of California, Berkeley, Indiana University and the University of Pittsburgh. He is a graduate of Harvard University and earned his law degree at Boalt Hall School of Law at UC Berkeley, where he was editor of the Black Law Journal. Professor Armour is a regular legal analyst on KABC News and a sought-after legal expert on a variety of criminal law issues. He also has commented extensively on such high-profile trials as Michael Jackson and Robert Blake.

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